ICF Announces BABLE and EIPO as its First Two Global Partners, Aiming to Accelerate the Growth of Cities and Regions by Seizing the Benefits of the Digital Economy

(27 June 2023 – Stuttgart, Germany) – Three organizations announced a partnership agreement aimed at fostering smart city innovation and collaboration in key territories around the world during a conference last week in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), the Eindhoven International Project Office (EIPO) and BABLE, the facilitators of Smart Cities in Europe, signed the partnership agreement during the 20 June Between Smart & Green event, hosted by BABLE Smart Cities, The Municipality of Breda and their EU-funded project, GreenQuays.

Focusing on Europe and selected countries in Asia and Latin America, the agreement joins leading organizations committed to advancing urban planning and economic development through cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices and collaborative initiatives.

The partnership is the first of its kind and leverages the Intelligent Community Forum’s network of communities and experience as analyst, advisor and educator in digital-age economic and community development to drive transformational change in communities, as well as the specific experience and European and global network of EIPO and BABLE.

The Eindhoven International Project Office – renowned for its work with intelligent communities as Binh Duong, Vietnam – supports the exchange of best practices, facilitation of smart city development projects and economic growth in key communities around the world. EIPO’s head office is located in Brainport Eindhoven, The Netherlands, which was awarded ICF Intelligent Community of the Year in 2011.

BABLE Smart Cities is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Research Society and is the facilitator for Smart Cities in Europe. Their free knowledge hub and platform connects innovators and the public sector to knowledge and insights, and they have already facilitated over €2Billion in projects through their work to accelerate innovation in municipalities and regions.

“By joining forces, the Intelligent Community Forum, the Eindhoven International Project Office and BABLE aim to accelerate the deployment of Intelligent Community solutions that improve the quality of life for citizens worldwide,” said Lou Zacharilla, Co-Founder of the Intelligent Community Forum. “We believe that collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation are essential for creating future-ready cities that address the challenges of the 21st century effectively.”

Above, left to right: Peter Portheine, Co-founder & Director, EIPO; Alexander Schmidt, Founder and CEO, BABLE Smart Cities; Lou Zacharilla, Co-Founder, ICF; and Joost Helms, Co-founder & Director, EIPO

For media inquiries, please contact:
Matthew Owen
Executive Director
Intelligent Community Forum
Email: [email protected]

Tamlyn Shimizu
Global Partnerships and Communications Lead
BABLE Smart Cities
Email: [email protected]

About the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF):
The Intelligent Community Forum is a global network of cities and regions, dedicated to creating prosperous, inclusive, and resilient communities in the digital age. Through its research, events, and programs, the ICF supports communities in harnessing technology and innovation to overcome challenges and drive economic and social growth. www.intelligentcommunity.org

About the Eindhoven International Project Office (EIPO):
The Eindhoven International Project Office supports cities in their need to change, towards a sustainable and resilient future by creating strategies for innovation, smart city planning and economic development. In their inclusive approach, they engage with triple-helix partners to deliver tangible strategies and plans that deliver social and economic impact. https://eipo.nl/

About BABLE:
BABLE Smart Cities is the facilitator for Smart Cities in Europe. As a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Research Society, they bring a decade of practical knowledge from practitioners for practitioners. Their free knowledge hub and platform connects innovators and the public sector, offering comprehensive Smart City insights. 6+ regional offices across Europe combine local expertise with global best practices, and they have already facilitated over €2Billion in urban innovation projects. https://www.bable-smartcities.eu/

Matthew Owen
Director of Operations, Intelligent Community Forum
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