For nearly half the population of industrialized nations, the pandemic broke the ironclad rule that people live near where they make a living. McKinsey estimates that as many as 36 percent of the workforce can work from home and most will choose to do so.

As companies bow to reality and start reorganizing work processes, that percentage is likely to rise. The emerging trend raises a big question for economic developers, city managers, Council members and Mayors. If the link between where people live and where they work keeps stretching, local governments can’t approach the traditional goal of attracting employers the same way. The question decision-makers need to ask themselves now is, “if people can live anywhere, why would it be here?”

In this webinar, ICF asks that question of economic developers from its network of Intelligent Communities, which employ a Whole Growth Strategy to make themselves the best places to live, work, build a business, raise a family and provide a path to the next generation.

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December 06, 2022 at 10:00am - 11am | Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Online Webinar