Accelerator Keynote Presentation

Not every leader in your community will understand our development framework at first glance. The ICF Method is broad in scope and grounded in an understanding of how technology is changing the world. To support your adoption of the Method, ICF offers a Keynote to introduce the potential of the Intelligent Community path to the formal and informal leaders of your community in government, institutions, businesses and community groups. During a one-day visit to your community, an ICF executive will deliver the presentation and can brief local leaders, conduct press interviews or socialize with stakeholders as you require. Outcomes include:

  • Improved understanding among the formal and informal leaders of your community about its challenges and opportunities.
  • Greater support for projects already in development.
  • Inspiration for continued progress.
Want to know more? To prepare for the Keynote, ICF interviews you to learn about your challenges, assets and strategies, and advises you on the program and attendees. You schedule the presentation, invite attendees and manage all aspects of the venue and program. An ICF executive makes the presentation and attends additional meetings or social functions during the one-day visit. Request details and pricing →