Kings of the Hill Open Oulu Game Campus

This morning, Fingersoft announced that its latest mobile title, Hill Climb Racing 2, had surpassed 40 million downloads in just two months, topping the iOS racing chart in 121 countries and the overall chart in 64. That puts the sequel well on its way to meeting the expectations set by the original, which has clocked up an incredible half a billion downloads.

All of these are fine achievements, and Fingersoft is a thriving business, but the small Finnish team is keen to do more than just celebrate its own success, as proud of it as they are. Instead, it is investing in the Oulu Game Campus - a joint venture with two universities aimed at giving something back to the community that facilitated the company's success, in true hallmark Nordic style.

The Campus is an entire city block, consisting of seven buildings across 5000 square metres. Some of these buildings are already functional, like the entrepreneurial wing and Fingersoft's own office, and some will be refitted and applied to various functions, such as housing an eSports cafe or an educational software specialist. It's a remarkably ambitious and generously minded project, and one that speaks to Fingersoft's commitment to the development of the local industry, but it's also a testament to its business savvy in having secured the funds and know-how to be able to establish and run it.

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Victoria Krisman
Victoria Krisman is Interactive Media Specialist and Communications Manager for the Intelligent Community Forum.
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