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Marcus Cake
Marcus is a Producer @ Wisdom Networks crowd create Global Village, global prosperity, Network Society and 'Minimum Life'

Gale Brewer
Manhattan, NY
The Manhattan Borough President. Former City Council Member representing the Upper West Side and Clinton. Follow Gale: @galeabrewer

Nicole Whittle
USA/Canada, KY
Please connect with us @relatemktgcomm

Ruggero Iudice
roma, Lazio

John Macomber
Teacher and investor; Harvard Business School faculty looking at cities, urbanization, resource efficiency, emerging economies.

Steven Teller
Hagerstown, MD
Helping the world communicate one bit at a time.

michael marlowe
Columbus, OH
Father, Husband, Citizen and Consultant. Improving my community in a cash flow positive way.

Jeff McNamee
part of i-CANADA team supporting growth of Intelligent Communities Interim ED Kanata North BA tech community and Smart city consultant

ng Connect Anz
Global ecosystem of collaborating member companies with next gen apps and services focusing on business model innovation over ultra broadband networks

saira arango
Docente. Educando con amor para la vida

Arundhati Mohile
Windsor, ON

Orlando area, FL
International School of Science Technology and the Arts (ISSTA), an international, residential, 9-12 grade bilingual, university-preparatory school

Corey Johns
Nashville, TN
President @Innovelopment, past Director of TN Broadband Initiative, Certified Economic Developer, Technology Advocate, Saved by Grace, Husband/Father & Vol4Life

Neighbour Day
From 1st January 2014 Relationships Australia is the new home for Neighbour Day, which is always held on the last Sunday in March.

Follow @thinkCSC
Columbus, OH
We are now @thinkCSC Please follow us @thinkCSC This account is no longer being maintained. Follow @thinkCSC

From #research to #action. Building capacity for #healthycommunities since 1990. Dedicated to achieving healthy #urbandevelopment. Retweets ≠ Endorsements

Elizabeth Cuchillo
cauca, Cauca
L'épreuve la plus dure que j'ai vécu, c'est que les gens oublient que j'aime tant.

Peter Braid
Waterloo, ON

Louisiana Broadband
This is the official twitter account for the Louisiana Broadband Initiative - the epi-center of broadband information in Louisiana.

Open Forum is an independent, non-profit, collaborative blogging website about Australian public policy and social issues.

Check out the website!

Gender, Activities & Perspectives * Mind The Gap! - Navigating senses of place, emotion and time in generative relations.

Greg Parmer
Love family, machinery, gardening, and learning. All opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer (

Canada's One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group - CATA's CEO identifies trends, opportunities and risks in the marketplace.

Rob Nolan
Durham, ON
Economic Development professional, budding social media buff, and reluctant gardener

R. Mathieu Vigneault
À quoi ressembleront les entreprises et les régions du Québec au 21e siècle?