Connect: The Demand-Gathering Strategy


Accelerator Mini-Course
Taught by Robert Bell, Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum


How do you convince broadband providers to invest in your community?

COVID revealed the economic gap between places with good broadband and those without.  But how do you get the private sector to invest in better service?

The online Community Accelerator course shares the best practices of cities and counties that made themselves investment-ready targets for broadband growth. Their stories are different, but the principles apply almost everywhere. 

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Here’s your chance to take a free 6-minute mini-course on one of the winning strategies. If you like what you see, there many more ideas you can use to start your own broadband revolution.

"Hamilton has benefited greatly from its experience with ICF, from learning best practices from cities across the globe to the rich networking opportunities.”

- Mayor Fred Eisenberger, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Want more? The Community Accelerator courses teaches local government and its partners how to create inclusive prosperity, strengthen social bonds and enrich culture in today’s digital economy.  Let’s go >>>

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