The MSU Extension Service Intelligent Community Institute

MSUICILogo_sml.pngThe Mississippi State University Extension Service Intelligent Community Institute (MSUES-ICI) assisted and educated rural communities on how to plan for, transition to, and prosper in the digital age from 2014 to 2017.

The MSUES-ICI conducted outreach and research that generated knowledge and shared information with Mississippi residents and the world on how communities can transition into and benefit from the digital age.

ICF's Intelligent Community Indicators served as a guideline for the work done by the Mississippi State University Extension Service Intelligent Community Institute.

The Institute worked with the following communities:

  • City of Carthage, Mississippi
  • City of McComb, Mississippi
  • City of Poplarville, Mississippi
  • City of Quitman, Mississippi
  • Town of Pelahatchie, Mississippi

Institute News

  • Mississippi ICF Institute Publishes First Ever Digital Divide Index - Dr. Roberto Gallardo of the Mississippi State University Extension Intelligent Community Institute has published a 50-state Digital Divide Index using data provided by the FCC. The DDI is a county-level index score (from 0 to 100) measuring the digital divide. MORE
  • Here's What Happens to People in America Who Can't Afford Internet Access - I trekked more than 1,000 miles across Mississippi with Mic's video team to talk to people about the digital divide in the state. During the trip, I visited the Stone Elementary School in Wiggins, Mississippi, where Dr. Roberto Gallardo, a grassroots organizer and scholar from Mississippi State University, helped implement a robotics program. Gallardo is working to ensure that the most marginalized communities in the state can access and adopt fixed, high-speed internet. He crisscrosses the state educating elected officials and the broader public about technology with the intent of bridging the digital divide. MORE
  • ICF Institute Founder Publishes New Book on ‘The Responsive Countryside’ - Dr. Roberto Gallardo has published a new book titled Responsive Countryside: The Digital Age and Rural Communities. Dr. Gallardo is the founder and leader of the Mississippi State University Extension Service Intelligent Community Institute (MSUES-ICI), part of a worldwide network that assists rural communities to better plan for and prosper in the digital age. MORE
  • E-Front Door Project Engages Students to Assess a Community’s Online Reputation - Your personal or professional reputation is important. Today, that reputation exists mostly online – shaped by your pictures, posts and tweets as well as by what others post and tweet about you. MORE
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Below is an interactive map of communities that worked with the Institute:

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