Nordea moves staff to Stockholm Fintech Hub

Nordic financial services giant Nordea is investing further in financial technology (fintech) collaboration by moving a number of staff into the Stockholm Fintech Hub to get closer to Sweden’s startup scene.

The bank wants its people to be close to fintech activity in the Swedish capital. “We want to be where the interaction is happening,” said Ewan MacLeod, chief digital officer at Nordea. “[We recognise] we don’t have all the good ideas and sometimes the good ideas come from outside. This is one way to ensure we are exposed to that and that we are open and participating.”

The move will see Nordea employees occupy several desks at the Stockholm Fintech Hub’s co-working space, where the bank hopes to have access to everyday discussions with fintech startups, financial institutions and tech companies.

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Victoria Krisman
Victoria Krisman is Interactive Media Specialist and Communications Manager for the Intelligent Community Forum.
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