Organizational Membership & Partnership


Organizational membership is for private-sector companies, public-private organizations and nonprofit institutions. It entitles all employees to member participation that includes the benefits available to the organization. One or more designated Primary Contacts administer the membership, connect with ICF and arrange for payment of annual dues.

Membership Benefits 

The communities in ICF’s network look to the Forum for objective guidance on technologies and services that contribute to growth, engagement and inclusivity. For qualifying organizational members, ICF will –

Integrate your services and products into ICF’s communications program 
ICF will repurpose your blog, press release and other online content in its communications program including a monthly e-newsletter, a Solutions email and social media reaching 10,000 followers in multiple nations. You are also welcome to contribute original content in a variety of formats from blog posts to video, subject to editorial oversight by ICF.

Conduct an annual podcast interview 
The ICF podcast ranges over topics of critical interest to communities in our network. We will conduct a podcast interview with your organization’s leader at least annually exploring issues related to the organization’s mission.

Support lead generation 
ICF conducts outreach to communities to ensure they receive value from membership and engage them in our services. With your organization as a member, we will ask about their need for your products and services and refer communities of interest to you. We will also profile your organization on the ICF website.

Strategic partnerships 
ICF has strategic partnerships with European consulting organizations, a growing number of economic development associations and ICF Institutes in multiple nations. We offer members the opportunity for introductions to partners to explore business potential in the regions they serve.

Additional discounts

  • Free access to ICF reports on economic, workforce and community development, innovation policy, sustainability and much more.
  • Free access to the online Community Accelerator training courses for leaders, staff, partner organizations and community volunteers.
  • Discounts on events, services and sponsorships, including – 
    • 50% discount on registration to ICF events
    • 30% discount on content and event sponsorships
    • 20% discount on in-person Community Accelerator services

Annual Membership Dues


  • Companies and start-ups, revenue up to US$20 million: $1000
  • Companies, revenue US20-30 million: US$2000
  • Companies, revenue US$30-50 million: US$3000
  • Companies, revenue US$50-500m: US$5500
  • Companies, revenue over US$500m: US$8000

Public-Private Partnership

  • Community Population up to 50 000: US$1500
  • Community Population 50 001 to 500 000: US$3000
  • Community Population over 500 000: US$5000

Nonprofit, NGO and Educational/Research Institution

  • US$500

Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnerships provide, in addition to the benefits of membership, customized communication programs that position the Partner’s services within ICF’s Community Accelerator Strategy.  Our preferred medium is short video content based on interviews with company leaders, with the goal of sharing useful ideas with viewers.  Videos are hosted on our site and promoted to the network via email and social media.  We produce two videos per year for Partners, depending on their schedule and availability. 

Corporate Partner Annual Dues

  • Companies, revenue up to US$50 million: US$7500
  • Companies, revenue US$50-500m: US$9500
  • Companies, revenue over US$500m: US$12000


To discuss organizational membership or corporate partnership, contact Matthew Owen at +1 646-291-6166 ext 105 or [email protected].