Organizational Membership

Organizational membership entitles all employees to individual membership that includes the benefits available to the institution. One or more designated Primary Contacts administer the membership on behalf of the organization.

Membership Benefits 

  • Access to online directory of members for person-to-person networking
  • Free access to reports and publications on Intelligent Community development
  • 30% discounts on event and content sponsorships
  • 20% discount on services and 50% on event registration
  • Personal outreach from ICF to Primary Contacts with networking support and program and service suggestions

Annual Membership Dues

Government, Public-Private

  • Population up to 50 000: US$1500
  • Population 50 001 to 500 000: US$3000
  • Population over 500 000: US$5000

Nonprofit, NGO and Educational/Research Institution

  • US$150


  • Companies, revenue up to US$50 million: US$3000
  • Companies, revenue US$50-500m: US$5500
  • Companies, revenue over US$500m: US$8000


Apply for organizational membership. Go to our membership application and arrange for payment by credit card or check. Apply now →
Contact ICF to discuss how membership can contribute to achieving your goals. Send us an email →