Elizabeth Golluscio - Fighting the Good Fight and Why, Part 1

In this episode of The Intelligent Community, ICF Co-Founder Lou Zacharilla speaks with Elizabeth GolluscioA NY tech exec and mother who decides to serve her community by running for office in one of the most high-profile districts in Manhattan. 

Elizabeth Golluscio looked at her city’s $106 billion budget and found that there was limited transparency on how decisions were being made.  She looked at challenges like unlicensed E-bikes (part of the 56,000 deliveries of food in NYC each day!) and met with Police and found a basement in the precinct full of them.  She got a sense of what was happening with local crime and safety. Then she did what people who want answers from their local government and know they can do better often do: she ran for office. She used social media against an incumbent whose party dominates the city. (Oh, and in between she attended ICF’s Top7 Reception to find out what Intelligent Communities can teach.) Listen to her talk frankly about the experience.

Louis Zacharilla
Co-Founder of the Intelligent Community Forum. Louis Zacharilla helped found the Intelligent Community movement. He is the developer of the Intelligent Community Awards program. He is a frequent keynote speaker and a moderator at conferences and events.
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