Innovation and the Public Sector

It takes a broad inclusive approach among sectors to build a moving, self-sustaining eco-system of innovation. At the same time, genuine change is a long game, so the innovation ethos must look past short-term elections or outside occurrences. In this report, we profile four Intelligent Communities in Australia, Canada, Finland and the United States, and their distinct approaches to digital innovation in the public sector: their planning styles, infrastructure plans, public service improvements, private sector supports, and cultural initiatives. These cities have accomplished the daunting task of transforming local government into an innovation engine.

Report Contents:

1.  Innovation and the Public Sector

2.  Introduction to Four Innovative Cities

  • Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
  • Oulu, Finland
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Ipswich, Australia

3.  Planning: A Public-Sector Innovation Process

  • Oulu Innovation Alliance
  • Chattanooga Revitalization
  • Ipswich Master Community Plan
  • Montreal Smart City and Digital Plan

4.  Broadband Platforms

  • Chattanooga Gig City
  • panOULU Wi-Fi Network
  • Montreal Fiber Backbone
  • NBN in Ipswich

5.  Innovating in Public Places

  • From 311 to Online Portal in Chattanooga
  • Smart Municipal Applications in Ipswich
  • Traffic Control in Montreal

6.  Private Engagements

  • Oulu, the Technology Test Bed
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Chattanooga
  • Ipswich Mixed-Use Developments
  • Montreal's Innovation District

7.  Social and Cultural Innovation in Montreal

8.  Where To From Here?

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