The Intelligent Community in Numbers - Class of 2018 (Infographic)

The recently released Intelligent Community in Numbers report is a statistical portrait of the Intelligent Community, a snapshot based on data submitted to ICF by hundreds of communities of every size, on every continent and in both rural and urban settings.

It reveals Intelligent Communities to be strong adopters of broadband, with average availability of 96% of all premises and average adoption by 80% of all premises. Such strong numbers reflect strong competition: the median speed and price for broadband averaged 68 Mbps at a cost of US$50 per month. They also put technology to work in schools: 98% use information and communications technology regularly in classrooms and 81% offer distance learning. More than 90% offer free or low-cost classes in digital skills for their offline population.

The 2017 Portrait is based on the 200 most recent questionnaires submitted to the Forum. They come from the US and Canada, Taiwan, Greece, Russia, Kenya, Brazil, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand. Their populations range from 2,000 to 12 million, and their population density from 2 to 13,000 persons per square kilometer.

This infographic shares some of the findings of the report. You can click on any of the indicators to learn more about the ICF Method and what makes an Intelligent Community.








This infographic was created for ICF by StudioLocale (

Matthew Owen
Director of Operations, Intelligent Community Forum
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