The Intelligent Community: Wayne Walker, OurCalling


OurCalling ( is a Dallas-based organization that has created an interactive smartphone app that provides information and emergency alerts to some of the most vulnerable members of a community: the homeless.

OurCalling's app has a database of service providers for the poor, a list of resources such a clinics, food banks and rehab facilities, a calendar for volunteer opportunities, a way for individuals to report a situation where volunteers can go assist someone in need, and more. While it started in Dallas, they are currently working to expand nationally to provide information on services to homeless people all over the US.

Listen to this fascinating episode of The Intelligent Community to learn more about how OurCalling developed the app, the lessons they learned on building relationships, and their plans for what's to come with their mission. 

OurCalling Founder and Executive Director Wayne Walker joined Robert Bell for this discussion. Wayne founded OurCalling in 2009 and serves as OurCalling’s Executive Director and Pastor. He has his master’s degree in Cross Cultural Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary. As the founder and visionary for OurCalling, he champions and models its core cause, invites dialog and cooperates with other homeless-oriented service partners, and plans the organization’s programs and strategies for the present and future.

Robert Bell
Robert Bell is co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum, where he heads its research, analysis and content development activities.

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