Accelerator Analytics

Analytics establishes a baseline for your Intelligent Community® compared with ICF’s global data on Intelligent Communities. After completing a questionnaire with ICF’s guidance, you will receive an Analytics Report on your current performance and your most important projects in:

  • Broadband and digital infrastructure
  • Workforce development for the knowledge-based economy
  • Development of an innovation-driven economy and government
  • Citizen engagement in your economic transformation
  • Promotion of digital equality to overcome social and economic barriers
  • Sustainability for quality of life, resilience and economic development 

In addition to establishing a baseline for monitoring progress, the Analytics Report offers recommendations for future development illustrated with examples from comparable Intelligent Communities. Outcomes include:

  • Detailed, objective assessment of your community, based on field-tested standards
  • Identification of existing strengths and the highest-potential areas for development
  • Guidance to relevant models of action from comparable communities
Want to know more? The Analytics assessment requires you to complete an Index Questionnaire on your community. ICF analyzes the numeric and narrative data you submit and provides a written report with detailed analysis of your community’s performance on 30 metrics and recommendations for next steps. We make the analyst available by phone or web conference to answer questions following submission of the report. Request a sample report and pricing →