Intelligent Community Forum Publishes By the Numbers Rankings of Intelligent Communities by Population

Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Riverside, CA, USA; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; Grey County, Ontario, Canada; Whanganui, New Zealand ranked top in their respective population brackets

(September 4, 2018 – New York City, NY, USA) – The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) today released a comprehensive ranking of intelligent communities grouped by population, the first list of its kind since the New York-based think-tank began its research on intelligent community development over twenty years ago.

The Top 10 Intelligent Communities By Population list is the latest publication in ICF’s By the Numbers series. It provides a useful guide to the relative strengths of communities in ICF’s network and an inspiration for greater progress in coming years. Future By the Numbers rankings of intelligent communities will be released by ICF in the coming months.

The lists rank Intelligent Communities in our global data set using information provided over the past five years and divide them into population groups from 50,000 and under to 1 million and over. It incorporates results from the Smart21, Top7 and Intelligent Community of the Year evaluations of the past five years to ensure accuracy. This data is carefully weighted to balance the self-reported and third-party data of the Smart21 evaluation and the data from later stages of evaluation that is subject to onsite validation.

“The upper rankings on the lists are dominated by Intelligent Communities of the Year and Top7 Intelligent Communities,” said ICF co-founder Robert Bell. “No surprise there. But it may be surprising to find that Top7 Communities occasionally outrank Intelligent Communities of the Year, and Smart21 Communities may do the same for members of the Top7. The reason is simple. ICF requires up-to-date information for its annual awards process, which means that each year’s cohort is different to some degree. The Top7 and Intelligent Community of the Year are named from the 21 top-ranking communities in that year’s cohort. A community honored in one year, therefore, may not have been in competition with a community honored in another year.”

The Top 10 Intelligent Communities List By Population:

Population 50,000 and Under

Community Country Population (EST) Ranking
Whanganui New Zealand 40,300 1
Stratford, Ontario Canada 31,500 2
Walla Walla Valley, Washington United States 31,731 3
Mitchell, South Dakota United States 15,800 4
Nelson, British Columbia Canada 10,664 5
Parkland County, Alberta Canada 32,000 6
Marlborough, Massachusetts United States 40,000 7
Armidale, New South Wales Australia 23,352 8
Olds, Alberta Canada 9,184 9
Hudson, Ohio United States 22,389 10

Population 50,000 – 100,000

Community Country Population (EST) Ranking
Grey County, Ontario Canada 93,800 1
Moncton, New Brunswick Canada 72,500 2
Issy-les-Moulineaux France 69,093 3
Pickering, Ontario Canada 91,771 4
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada 88,071 5
Lethbridge, Alberta Canada 92,700 6
Jonkoping Sweden 93,800 7
Dubuque, Iowa United States 58,530 8
St. Albert, Alberta Canada 65,589 9
Coffs Harbour, New South Wales Australia 70,000 10

Population 100,000 – 250,000

Community Country Population (EST) Ranking
Waterloo, Ontario Canada 105,000 1
Aurora, Illinois United States 201,100 2
Ipswich, Queensland Australia 210,000 3
Kingston, Ontario Canada 129,653 4
Muelheim an der Ruhr Germany 167,108 5
Arlington County, Virginia United States 229,164 6
Oshawa, Ontario Canada 163,000 7
Sarnia-Lambton County, Ontario Canada 123,400 8
Rochester, New York United States 208,800 9
Burlington, Ontario Canada 193,800 10

Population 250,000 – 500,000

Community Country Population (EST) Ranking
Riverside, California United States 324,722 1
Espoo Finland 263,148 2
Hsinchu City Taiwan 434,674 3
Chiayi City Taiwan 270,254 4
Tallinn Estonia 413,782 5
Surrey, British Columbia Canada 499,000 6
Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia 279,870 7
Keelung City Taiwan 371,900 8
Cleveland, Ohio United States 385,800 9
Yilan County Taiwan 458,777 10

Population 500,000 – 1,000,000

Community Country Population (EST) Ranking
Columbus, Ohio United States 860,090 1
Hsinchu County Taiwan 547,794 2
Austin, Texas United States 947,890 3
Hamilton, Ontario Canada 551,800 4
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada 709,253 5
Ottawa, Ontario Canada 947,031 6
Astana Kazakhstan 814,400 7
Edmonton, Alberta Canada 928,200 8
Quebec City, Quebec Canada 538,500 9
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada 648,000 10

Population Over 1,000,000

Community Country Population (EST) Ranking
Montreal, Quebec Canada 1,741,000 1
Toronto, Ontario Canada 2,810,000 2
Melbourne, Victoria Australia 4,850,700 3
Tainan City Taiwan 1,885,000 4
Calgary, Alberta Canada 1,266,000 5
New Taipei City Taiwan 3,972,000 6
Taoyuan Taiwan 2,117,000 7
Rio de Janeiro Brazil 6,320,000 8
Moscow Russia 12,400,000 9
Regional Municipality of York, Ontario Canada 1,186,900 10


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Matthew Owen
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