The Intelligent Community Forum and ICF Canada release From Connectivity to Community

Free report from ICF Canada details how communities turn their broadband and other digital assets into economic growth and better quality of life

December 19, 2018 – New York City, USA and Toronto, Ontario, Canada –ICF Canada  released a free report, From Connectivity to Community, developed by the Intelligent Community Forum to help communities turn their broadband and other digital assets into economic growth, stronger social and com­munity bonds, and better quality of life.  The report, which is free to download, can be found on ICF’s Website.

From Connectivity to Community begins where most of the smart city conversations end: with how digital assets can be made to deliver greater prosperity to a community, to address social challenges and contribute to the cultural spirit of the place,” said ICF co-founder Robert Bell.  “Cities and towns are not collections of hardware and software.  It is the people of the place who must put them to work to build a better future.”

The report assumes that your community already has adequate broadband connectivity in place and is ready to take the next steps: becoming more engaged, taking on leadership roles in defining issues, and developing practical plans that can lead to realistic and affordable solutions. It speaks to community leaders in local governments and regional districts, to members of legislatures, educators, technology providers, business leaders, agencies, economic development and regional planning organizations. It will help kickstart community efforts to use digital connectivity to improve life in the most important place on earth – the place called home.

For more information and to download the report, visit ICF’s Website.

About Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) and ICF Canada
The Intelligent Community Forum (, headquartered in New York, is a global movement of more than 180 cities, metro regions and counties with a think tank at its heart and a mission to make everyone’s “hometown” at great place. ICF studies and promotes the best practices of the world's Intelligent Communities as they adapt to the new demands and seize the opportunities presented by information and communications technology (ICT). To help cities and regions build prosperous economies, solve social problems and enrich local cultures, the Intelligent Community Forum conducts research, hosts events around the globe, publishes books, and produces its high-profile annual international awards program. The Forum sponsors research Institutes in North America and Asia dedicated to the study of the movement, and national organizations in Canada (ICF Canada) and Taiwan (ICF-Taiwan), both home to many Intelligent Communities. For information on ICF Membership, go to

ICF Canada ( was the first national association of ICF’s Canadian recognized SMART21 cities, currently representing over 41 communities. It is an independent non-profit with programs focused in Canada for the ICF qualifies communities, private sector and others in these communities. ICF Canada is the sponsor of this report. For membership in ICF Canada, go to  .

Matthew Owen
Director of Operations
Intelligent Community Forum
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Matthew Owen
Director of Operations, Intelligent Community Forum

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