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April 17 - Darius Ornston, Author and Associate Professor, University of Toronto

What makes Canadian cities such as Waterloo, Ottawa and Toronto hubs of high-tech entrepreneurship and successful Intelligent Communities? Since moving to Canada, Professor Darius Ornston, author of When Small States Make Big Leaps, which chronicled how the Nordic countries developed the ability to enter new, tech-based markets, has similarly studied two Intelligent Communities of the Year in Canada and tells us how these Canadian communities represent a collaborative approach which has resulted in Canada having more designated Intelligent Communities than any other nation.

Darius Ornston is an Associate Professor at the prestigious Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto where he specializes in innovation policy and the relationship between cooperation and economic change.


May 1 - Adrianne B. Furniss, Executive Director, Benton Institute - Part 1 (2 parts)

“Our goal is to bring open, affordable, high-performance broadband to all people in the U.S. to ensure a thriving democracy,” says Adrianne Furniss. In a rare interview and her first podcast, the Executive Director of the Benton Institute discusses the current state of rural broadband in the United States and her view of how to build capacity within very small communities that have suffered brain drain and the loss of their economic vibrancy. The work being done by Benton and the research this famed institute relies on continue to launch what many call the “rural renaissance.” https://www.benton.org/

May 15 - Adrianne B. Furniss, Executive Director, Benton Institute - Part 2

Lou continues The INTELLIGENT Community Podcast with Adrianne Furniss and touches on the subject of HOW small communities develop brain gain and capacity over the long term.  They also discuss how broadband can reinforce cultural restoration and its role in enabling democracy to persist in the Digital Age.

y 29 - Ben Winchester, Extension Center for Community Vitality, University of Minnesota (2 parts)


“The seeds of success for rural economies have been planted!” So says the controversial champion of the rural narrative, University of Minnesota educator and researcher Dr. Ben Winchester, a demographer at the University of Minnesota’s. Extension Center for Community Vitality.

“If the small town is dying why is there a housing shortage in most parts of rural America!?”

Winchester explodes with enthusiasm and knocks down categorically old notions and stereotypes about rural places including the one about WHY people are moving to rural communities. 

“A job is NOT among the top things people look for when choosing a rural lifestyle. Employment opportunities do not bring people in and seeking investment the way it has been done by economic development officials is not an effective way to create brain gain.”  Dr. Winchester suggests another way and it is as simple as any common-sense approach can be.

Professor Winchester is a dedicated community-centric advocate, a fresh and original thinker and a great interview.  

Says long-time ICF jurist Bill Coleman, “Ben is one of my favorites!”

June 12 - Ben Winchester, Extension Center for Community Vitality, University of Minnesota - Part 2

Lou and Ben Winchester continue their discussion about the changes taking place in rural communities and the misperceptions afoot. You will enjoy the second part of this Podcast.  While Lou claims, “The Middle of Nowhere is No More,” Ben adds, “And we live in the middle of Everywhere!”

June 26 & July 10 - Frank White (2 Parts)

July 24 & August 7 - Jarmo Sareva (2 Parts)

August 21 - Heartland Foward with Julie Trivitt and Dave Shideler


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