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The Moment of Truth Series
Episode Airdates: May 8, May 22, June 5, June 19, July 3

The next season of ICF’s Moment of Truth series features short-form interviews with global intelligent communities around the world will look at their moment of truth – the moment they realized how to go from being a smart city to an intelligent community. Highly digestible, inspirational interviews to be released on ICF’s audio and video podcast platforms.

Subjects include: Eindhoven, the Durham Region, Sustainability, and more.

Later this year:

Why Ben Barber Was Right - If Mayors Ruled The World
Monday, July 17

An interview with ICF Co-Founders John Jung, Robert Bell, and Lou Zacharilla discussing the idea that the world's future depends on learning lessons from city leaders.

Intelligent Taiwan: How DOES Taiwan Do It?
Premiering Summer 2023
This four-part series is based on the success Taiwan has had developing its economy and society using ICF’s Accelerator Strategy and related investments and ideas. Planned episodes include The Intelligent Island, a discussion with academics in the area of political science, economic development and geopolitics describe Taiwan’s unique status and ‘intelligence’ and Four Intelligent Cities: One Mind, conversations about or with Taiwan’s 4 Intelligent Communities of the Year: Taipei, Taichung, Taoyuan and New Taipei City.

Matthew Owen
Director of Operations, Intelligent Community Forum

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