Urgent Request for Support for Binh Duong

This open letter was written to the communities around the world that make up our network.

Dear Friends and Members of the Intelligent Community Network,

One of the strengths of community is the ability to bond and support one another, especially in times of challenge, crisis or good fortune. As you are aware from your own experience the COVID-19 Pandemic has brought hardship to most places and is one of the most difficult public health challenges in a century. Most of you have been managing well and using the principles to keep your family and friends safe.  Today, I am writing to you because one of our Intelligent Communities has found itself struggling with COVID.

We have received an urgent request from one of this year’s Top7 Intelligent Communities, Binh Duong, Vietnam, for urgent assistance.  We are mobilizing our network to provide support.

The COVID-19 crisis in Vietnam has developed rapidly and unexpectedly. While the nation was able to contain the virus and keep infections very low last year, the Delta Variant has brought exponential spread of the disease.  This is taking place in a nation where the vaccination rate is very low (less than 5% have been able to be vaccinated) and where the hospital capacity is limited.

Accordingly, there are requests every day for medical supplies like protective clothing (PPE), masks and test sets, as well as more complex equipment like ventilators and monitors for ICU use.

Our colleagues from the Eindhoven International Project Office (EIPO) have begun to source and fund the shipment of PPE materials and have asked that the ICF community consider responding in ways that suit its capabilities.

Each of you may have some type of medical capacity, products or services among your private and public sectors that may wish to contribute.  We will connect you to the appropriate agency in Vietnam if you would like to pursue this opportunity to help.  We know it would be appreciated.

ICF has also begun a “GoFundMe” Campaign to which anyone can contribute any amount. ICF has already donated funds to it and we encourage you to consider this option. Please click here to contribute: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-send-ppe-to-binh-duong

For specific questions, please contact me at [email protected].

On behalf of the ICF and members, national organizations and affiliates, we thank you for your consideration.

Best wishes. Keep safe!

John G. Jung
ICF Chairman and Co-Founder

John G. Jung
Urban Planner; Urban Designer; Economic Developer; Author; Speaker; re. Smart & Intelligent Cities; Co-Founder/Chair ICF; ICF Canada, Global Cities Navigator.
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