The ICF Method

Starting with a research project comparing cities in various nations, ICF developed a Method to help communities of all sizes obtain the broadband and digital assets they need and turn them into inclusive prosperity and social and cultural growth. Over two decades, we have refined analytics to identify a community’s strengths and weaknesses and recommend the most productive steps to move forward.

Our work begins with an insight: that the digital age demands new ways of thinking about what makes a city or county work. It requires leaders to care about different things and see their responsibilities in a bigger context. Cities and counties that adapt to these demands survive and thrive amid technology disruption and global competition. Those that don’t face stagnation, decline, population loss and the social and cultural erosion they bring.


The ICF Method calls for work on six critical Factors. We invite you to step through them by clicking on the links below.  Your starting point  is the infrastructure of the digital age: broadband connectivity and applications. More →