Sustain-Thumb.pngCreating pride of place

Environmental sustainability is a global concern with local impact. Your people experience the environment within your community, from air quality to water pollution. That is where they take action toward sustainability goals to improve their quality of life and protect themselves from harm – all while contributing to the health of the world.

Sustainability engages the community and generates action. When communities make sustainability a goal, they energize community groups, neighborhoods and community leaders with the promise of making a difference. The work of these groups meets sustainability goals – but just as important, it strengthens the community’s identity and creates civic pride that powers more positive change.

Sustainability is also good for the economy. As the world is turning its attention to reining in human impact on the planet, sustainability is generating substantial new opportunities for technology advance, business growth and employment in green industries.

For all these reasons, a commitment to environmental sustainability protects the Intelligent Community's future, expands their economic opportunities, and helps create a culture of innovative collaboration that powers success.

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