Preparing your people for the jobs of the future

The well-paying work of the 21st Century is knowledge work. Management consultant Peter Drucker coined the term in the Seventies, when he predicted that it would soon become impossible to live in the middle class if manual work was your only skill. His prediction has come dramatically true, as all opportunity for meaningful, well-paying employment has shifted to those with skills, from the construction trades and automated factories to technology, finance and business management. Those without the right skills are increasingly being left behind.

Ladder of opportunity

Intelligent Communities create a knowledge workforce through strong and continuing collaboration among local government, employers and schools. Each contributes and each benefits from the contributions of others. Together, they turn education into a ladder of opportunity teaching skills that are in demand and connecting young people with opportunities in the region to strengthen the community’s economic and social foundation. They also create avenues for lifelong learning to ensure that the skills of their people continuously evolve to equip them for new job opportunities.

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