Giving your city or region the digital infrastructure it needs for growth

Digital connectivity and services are the new essential utility, as vital to community growth as good roads, clean water and reliable electric power. Establishing this digital foundation is the first step for every community. Through those connections come employment, education, commerce, information, entertainment and community participation. Businesses depend on them to manage their operations, reach customers and attract employees. Governments and nonprofits use them to deliver better services for less money to more people. Citizens use them to organize and coordinate, share ideas and build community spirit. Connected digital infrastructure including sensors and cameras make possible machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) applications that deliver better services for less money to more people and organizations.

What does it cost to go without broadband?

Communities without fast, reliable, affordable broadband pay a heavy price in terms of economic growth, employer retention, healthcare education and resilience. Read our analysis here.

Taking action on broadband

Ideally, the private sector should provide affordable, reliable, high-quality service everywhere, but the economics of business can stand in the way. Where private investment fails, Intelligent Communities take action to meet their needs.

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