Podcast - Chicago: A Top7 Community of 2019


Chicago, on the shores of Lake Michigan, is a global city of 2.7 million. It is the center of America’s third largest metro economy, which produces more than US$690 billion in gross regional product. But all big cities have big challenges. What distinguishes the successful ones is how they rise to those challenges. To build a better tomorrow for all its citizens, Chicago is focused on enlisting technology, education, engagement and demand for a better quality of life to open the doors of opportunity. Click here to read more about Chicago.

In this interview, ICF Co-Founder Robert Bell speaks with Carleton Nolan, Chief Technology Officer and First Deputy Commissioner of Chicago. As CTO for the city, Carleton is responsible for managing and defining the strategic and tactical direction of the city’s technology portfolio, including commercially licensed applications and products and large custom-built systems. Prior to joining the city, he was a senior business manager for online services for AT&T/SBC/Ameritech.



Want to learn more about Chicago? Watch the video below:

Robert Bell
Robert Bell is co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum, where he heads its research, analysis and content development activities.
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