Ladders of Opportunity

A knowledge-based economy needs a digitally savvy workforce. That means not just attracting talent from other places but fostering local skills and constructive mindsets among children and youth who will be our knowledge workers five, ten and twenty years from now. Intelligent Communities take a strategic approach to turning their educational system into a ladder of opportunity extending from the elementary grades through entry-level jobs in the community. They do it in partnership with every level of the educational system and employers throughout the region. In Ladders of Opportunity: Growing and Retaining Tomorrow’s Talent, ICF shares the strategies and experiences of four Intelligent Communities in building the workforce of the future.

Report Contents:

1.  Today's Students, Tomorrow's Skills

  • Building a Knowledge Workforce in Your Community

2.  Four Communities in Action

  • Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Arlington County, Virginia, USA
  • New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Eindhoven, The Netherlands

3.  Incorporating Technology in Education

  • Technology for Curricula
  • Chengfu Elementary School, New Taipei City
  • Barrett Elementary School, Arlington County
  • Sisler High School, Winnipeg
  • Outside Initiatives in Eindhoven
  • Specialized Schools in New Taipei City
  • Virginia Tech and Arlington Public Schools

4.  Innovation Centers

  • Eindhoven Centers of Expertise and Innovation
  • Winnipeg Collaboration Projects

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