No Place But Home: Discussing COVID-19 with J. David Liss

In this video, ICF Co-Founder Lou Zacharilla speaks with J. David Liss about the COVID-19 pandemic. J. David Liss is President and CEO of JD Liss Associates, a firm specializing in advocacy and communications in the fields of healthcare and technology. He has more than 30 years of experience in communications and government relations in technology focused settings.

As Vice President for External Relations at BioReference Laboratories from 2013-2018, he was responsible for managing the company’s interaction with external stakeholders including government and other critical healthcare constituencies. Mr. Liss served for 15 years as Vice President for Government Relations and Strategic Initiatives for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, where he was responsible for developing strategic resources to support the mission of New York State’s preeminent provider of healthcare. These efforts include leading government relations, the hospital’s grant program and technology development through extramural funding. Mr. Liss currently hold the faculty position of Associate with the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University.

Louis Zacharilla
Co-Founder of the Intelligent Community Forum. Louis Zacharilla helped found the Intelligent Community movement. He is the developer of the Intelligent Community Awards program. He is a frequent keynote speaker and a moderator at conferences and events.
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