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Marianne Archibald
Chief Executive, Whanganui Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Economic Developers Roundtable (June 6)

As Chief Executive of the Whanganui Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Marianne is passionate about helping regional businesses thrive. The Whanganui Chamber of Commerce and Industry is part of a global network of Chambers of Commerce.

As CEO of Archibald & Co. and as an innovation leader, she consults in a strategic planning and project management capacity to the public and private sectors.  Specialising in delivering solutions that often impact entire communities, Archibald & Co. takes a triple helix approach, connecting business, education and government. It employs the principles of co-design and collaboration in our work and we are passionate about social enterprise. 

As the leader responsible for Whanganui’s early fibre network roll out and the inclusion of Whanganui in the world’s Top 7 Intelligent Communities, Marianne is future-focused and consider this the right time to develop an overarching plan for how we want our communities to look in the future. 

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RobertBell.jpgRobert Bell
Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum
Welcome to the Summit, Urban Master Class

Robert Bell is co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum, where he heads its research, analysis and content development activities. He directs the multi-stage analysis of communities for the annual Intelligent Community Awards program and authors the in-depth profiles of the Top Seven Intelligent Communities that are core to ICF's mission. Robert developed and leads the Intelligent Community Master Class and Community Accelerator programs, as well as ICF's advisory services for communities, and is a frequent speaker at municipal and telecom events. More

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Mayor Tim Bowles
Mayor, West of England
Mayors and the Quiet Revolution (June 4)

Tim was elected as the first Mayor for the West of England on May 4, 2017. During his career, he has combined international business roles with public service in the West of England.

Born in East Africa, and raised in Somerset, before settling in Winterbourne, he has international experience working in business development, exports, sales and marketing. Having worked with small and medium-sized enterprises and global players, he is committed to supporting businesses of all sizes to achieve their full potential. His business background means he is passionate about the need to promote the West of England and its unique offering, including its global connections and a highly-skilled workforce, nationally and internationally.

Before his election as Mayor, Tim was part of South Gloucestershire Council’s leadership team, working across the organisation with particular focus on policy and resources. He was also a parish councillor, and chairman of Winterbourne Parish Council for many years. He served 12 years as a governor of one of the largest secondary schools in the region, which led to his passionate belief that children should be encouraged to reach their full potential from a young age. He also sees lifelong skills development for all as essential to driving economic growth in the region.

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Joep Brouwers
Adjunct Director, Brainport Development, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Opportunity and Employment in a Big Data World (June 4)

Joep Brouwers has been active as an manager and a consultant in the field of technology and human behaviour since the mid-eighties. First as developer and project manager for new media applications for education, later on as director of a publishing house for magazines on the relation between the developed and the underdeveloped countries. Here he had his first internet experiences as one of the first database publishers in the Netherlands. In 1997 he entered the board of the Dutch branch of ISOC (Internet Society) where he took part in the uprise of the internet industries in the Netherlands and the burst of the internet bubble end 2000. From 2001 till 2007 he worked as a strategic policy advisor for the province of Noord- Brabant of innovation and economic development. In March 2007 he entered Brainport Development as vice-director responsible for the projects and programs that execute the Brainport strategy to make Brainport Region Eindhoven one of the world’s top technology regions. At Brainport Development he was responsible for the participation of Eindhoven in ICF which led to the election of Eindhoven as most intelligent community in 2011. He initiated the Dutch Technology Week a yearly event for the High Tech manufacturing companies in the Netherlands. Joep Brouwers has also been a TEDx organiser ( From 2014 till 2016 he lead the team of Mayor Rob van Gijzel that brought Singularity University to the Netherlands.

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Mayor Andy Burnham
Mayor, Greater Manchester
Mayors and the Quiet Revolution (June 4)

Andy Burnham was elected as Mayor of Greater Manchester in May 2017. Accountable to and representing the people of all 10 boroughs in Greater Manchester, Andy steers the work of Greater Manchester’s Combined Authority, leading on issues such as the economy, transport, police and fire services, to ensure Greater Manchester is one of the best places in the world.  

Responsible for transforming public services and shaping the future of our region, the Mayor represents Greater Manchester people, making the case for our region at the heart of government and on the world stage.

Andy is the chair and eleventh member of Greater Manchester Combined Authority. The leaders of the 10 councils form the Mayor’s Cabinet. He is also supported by a Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, and a Deputy Mayor for Economic Growth and Business.

Prior to this, Andy was MP for Leigh from 2001. In government, Andy has held Ministerial positions at the Home Office, Department of Health and the Treasury. In 2008 he became Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, before returning to Health as Secretary of State in 2009. In opposition, Andy has served as Shadow Education Secretary, Shadow Health Secretary and Shadow Home Secretary.

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AndrewCarter.jpgAndrew Carter
Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Cities
Humanizing Data (June 4)

Andrew became Chief Executive of the Centre in April 2017. He is also Deputy Director of the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth. Before that he was the Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy and Research with overall responsibility for the Centre’s research and policy programme. Andrew has over 20 years of experience working on urban economic policy issues for public and private development agencies, consultants and research institutes.  He has also spent time in the US as part of the Churchill Foundation’s Fellowship Programme reviewing urban economic development policy and practice in American cities including New York, Washington DC, Boston and Chicago. He is a regular media contributor and chairs and speaks at conferences across the UK and Europe on a wide range of urban and economic issues.

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Moez Chaabouni
Enterprise Data Account Executive, Informatica
CIO Roundtable (Moderator) (June 6)

As a member of the sales team, Moez Chaabouni leverages many years of experience in the CIO role to be a trusted adviser and advocate for customers and help their combined business and IT teams move quickly to empower transformational data automation initiatives leveraging the right components of the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform for Data Integration, Cloud Data Management, Big Data Management, Data Quality, Data Security and Master Data Management. Informatica provides leading data management software and services to help organizations worldwide gain control over one of their most important assets: Data!  Prior to Informatica, Moez served as deputy CIO for the City of Columbus, CIO of Hondross College and founder and CEO of My CIO, a consultancy.

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RachelClarke.jpgRachel Clarke
Communications & Press Officer, Knowle West Media Center, Bristol, UK
Urban Master Class (June 5)

Rachel is responsible for raising awareness of KWMC’s work and overseeing all communications activity, including the organisation’s literature, websites and social networks.  You’ll often see her representing KWMC at events and she’s the first point of contact for press enquiries. Rachel delivers several courses as part of KWMC’s training programme, including best practice in marketing and using social networking platforms, and she represents KWMC in local and citywide networking groups.  She was the editor of the Knowledge, the community newsletter for Knowle West, for four and a half years.

Rachel first came to KWMC as a volunteer in 2009 and has been working with the organisation ever since. In addition to her communication skills Rachel has experience of supporting and working with young people, after five years of part-time work with groups in north Bristol.

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JoyeetaDas.jpgJoyeeta Das
Founder and CEO, Gyana
Opportunity and Employment in a Big Data World (June 4)

Joyeeta started her career training as an engineer in India, before taking a job working at Cisco. Not long after, she founded Anahata Life and furthered her study with an MBA at the University of Oxford.

It was here where the idea of Gyana was initially conceived. Joyeeta was selected for two Innovate UK entrepreneur missions to the US and has now successfully brought Gyana to market. At one point they were even working without pay following a potential investor dropping out, and there were certainly many late nights. However like all strong entrepreneurs, Joyeeta stuck by her plans and continued her search for new investment. By January 2015 she had secured funding, and an additional £1.5 million was added in November 2015. By January the following year the team had swelled to 15 people, and in July 2016 her product was launched.

Gyana aims to bring AI and big data to consumers in an affordable way, and this is through its unique information search tool. The software looks to integrate data from numerous channels, such as social media, traffic updates and weather, to bring together a perspective about any selected area. This will include the trends of the area, the general attitudes and even emotional ‘vibe’. The concept of this tool is such that the more data input, the greater our understanding of the world around us. The aim is to help the likes of businesses, government and consumers to gain a genuine insight into specific areas and demographics. Click here to see an interview with Joyeeta from Innovate UK.

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Dr. Roberto Gallardo
Assistant Director, Purdue Center for Regional Development
Bridging the Broadband Gap (June 6)

Roberto Gallardo is Assistant Director of the Purdue Center for Regional Development and a Purdue Extension Community & Regional Economics Specialist. He holds an electronics engineering undergraduate degree, a master's in economic development, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration. Gallardo has worked with rural communities over the past decade conducting local & regional community economic development, including use of technology for development.

He has authored more than 70 articles including peer-reviewed and news-related regarding rural trends, socioeconomic analysis, industrial clusters, the digital divide, and leveraging broadband applications for community economic development. He is also the author of the book “Responsive Countryside: The Digital Age & Rural Communities”, which highlights a 21st century community development model that helps rural communities transition to, plan for, and prosper in the digital age. Dr. Gallardo is a TEDx speaker and his work has been featured in a WIRED magazine article, a documentary, and a RFDTV documentary. He lives in West Lafayette with his wife and two daughters.

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Rob van Gijzel
Chairman, ICF Board of Directors
Welcome to the Summit (June 4)

Rob van Gijzel served as the mayor of Eindhoven, Netherlands from 2008 to 2016, during which time the region was named an ICF Intelligent Community of the Year. He served in the Dutch Parliament from 1989 until 2001, when he founded a political advisory agency called Politea with his wife Irene van Rijsewijk. He also served as Deputy Chairman of the National Swimming Institute Eindhoven. Rob is a recognized thought leader in the Netherlands and beyond. He was appointed Chairman of the Collaboration Table, a national government body that seeks to improve access to and affordability of housing in the Netherlands. He is also the Chairman of the ICF Board of Directors.

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Ryley Iverson 
CEO, Townfolio
Who Cares About Open Data? (June 5)

Ryley Iverson co-founded Townfolio after substantial experience in economic development and international site selection. It is s software platform that powers municipal websites with interactive data at a price any municipality can afford. Townfolio automates the community, assists with investment attraction and helps citizens, entrepreneurs and businesses find municipal data quickly and easily. In 2016 Townfolio went from idea to "One of Canada's Most Innovative Start-ups" and currently helps economic developers and municipalities of all sizes (200+ villages, towns, cities) coast to coast. He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, where the company is located.

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JohnJung.jpgJohn G. Jung
Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum
Welcome to the Summit, Top7 Reception, Intelligent Community Awards Dinner

ICF co-founder John G. Jung originated the Intelligent Community concept and continues to serve as the Forum's leading visionary. Formerly President and CEO of the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance and Calgary Economic Development Authority, he is a registered professional urban planner, urban designer and economic developer. He leads regular international business missions to US, European, Asian, Indian and Australian cities, and originated the ICF Immersion Lab program. John is a regular speaker at universities and conferences and serves as an advisor to regional and national leaders on Intelligent Community development. More

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StephenHilton.jpgStephen Hilton
Director, Bristol Futures Global
Who Cares About Open Data? (June 5)

Stephen Hilton is an internationally recognised smart cities expert. At Bristol City Council he created and led Bristol Futures, a high profile, award-winning team that achieved great success. The highlights include, winning the title of European Green Capital 2015; becoming the first UK Rockefeller Global 100 Resilient city; securing official designations as a UK Super Connected City and Future City Demonstrator; developing Engine Shed and Invest in Bristol & Bath, Bristol is Open and the Bristol-Brussels office; co-creating Playable City and securing funding for many successful projects on driverless cars, smart meters, smart grids, open data and large scale technology demonstrators. In his early career, Stephen worked on technology and democracy and digital inclusion, establishing the Connecting Bristol  partnership, the National Digital Challenge network and winning an award as Government Innovator of the Year for his work with the Oxford Internet Institute and Napier University.  Stephen is a Fellow at the University of Bristol's Cabot Institute.   He is also a non-exec Director of the Bristol Pound  - the leading local currency.

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Raj Mack
Head, Digital Birmingham
What Does Humanizing Data Require of Us? (June 6)

Digital Birmingham is a city-wide partnership which aims to accelerate digital investment and opportunities for both businesses and citizens. As Head, Raj Mack is responsible for the delivery of a portfolio of projects ranging from digital infrastructure, such as ultrafast broadband, next generation wireless, public service networks to innovative services and applications to support both public services, businesses as well as increasing digital inclusion for citizens.

Raj is responsible for developing the digital strategy for the Birmingham City Council and its Local Enterprise Partnership. His team is currently leading on the development of the smart city strategy for the city and he is currently supporting the Cabinet Member on the establishment of the Smart City Commission. The Commission is made up of international, national and local experts all working in collaboration to create a smart city vision and a medium and long term strategic direction.

DouglasMcCollough.jpgDouglas McCollough
Chief Information Officer, City of Dublin, Ohio, USA
CIO Roundtable (June 6)

Douglas McCollough serves as Dublin’s CIO, where he is responsible for leading the city's IT department that includes network operations, geographic information systems and DubLink, Dublin's 125-mile fiber optic system.

McCollough has previously worked for the Ohio Department of Medicaid/Diversified Systems, Nationwide Insurance and State of Ohio Industrial Commission, boasting 15 years of experience.

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ThomasMuller.jpegThomas Müller
Project Manager, City of Muelheim, Germany
Who Cares About Open Data? (June 5)

As project manager at Mülheim & Business GmbH, Thomas is in charge of helping startups and established businesses in all strategic questions related to business innovation, recruiting and university relations. Furthermore, the development and implementation of industry sector-specific projects (e.g. STARBUZZ Digital Commerce Accelerator, Games Factory Ruhr, Creative Factory Ruhr, Engage.NRW, Game Development Initiative Ruhr) is one of his responsibilities.

Backed by leading companies from B2B and B2C commerce, logistics and manufacturing, STARBUZZ offers an intensive program to take digital commerce and logistics startups to the next level. Specialist mentors from renowned IT, marketing, business development, law and finance firms round up our extensive network.

With its base in Mülheim an der Ruhr, STARBUZZ is located at the heart of Europe in the Rhine-Ruhr region, Germany’s powerhouse in trade and logistics. There is no other place where digital commerce and logistics startups can find a better ecosystem: proximity to customers and client firms, an excellent infrastructure and the densest university network combined with the largest student talent pool in Germany and Europe are the most prominent factors that help taking your business forward. Since capital is highly mobile, it has added an excellent pool of investors to our program to secure seed and growth funding. 

Thomas is also co-founder of bee smart city, which offers an online solutions database of more than 300 smart city solutions from over 100 cities, as well as insights into strategy and development.

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Dr. Kathy Oldham
Chief Resilience Officer, Greater Manchester
Resilience in a World of Threats (June 5)

Dr. Oldham has varied and extensive experience in the public sector, having managed a wide range of local government services in addition to working in the National Health Service. Leading the development of new approaches, together with strengthening existing ways of addressing disaster risk reduction and resilience, draws on all the skillsets she has developed during her career. She is an advocate for resilience and disaster risk reduction to be recognised as a cross-cutting theme that underpins all areas of public policy to encourage inward investment and growth of the city region, together with enabling communities and businesses to successfully recover from and to thrive after emergencies.

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VainoOlev.jpgVaino Olev
IT Director, City of Tallinn, Estonia
CIO Roundtable (June 6)

Vaino Olev serves as the information technology director for the City of Tallinn, Estonia. In addition to his duties for the city, he is a member of the ICF Board of Directors, IT Board of Estonian Local Cities and Rural Associations, and was the Chair of the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum Workgroup on Cyber Security. A graduate of the Tallinn University of Technology with a masters in radio systems engineering, he is also a part-time lector of State Information Systems syllabus in the Estonian Business School and Estonian e-Government Academy.

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NigelShadbolt.jpgProfessor Sir Nigel Shadbolt FRS FREng, 
Principal of Jesus College, Oxford, Professor of Computer Science, Oxford University and Visiting Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Southampton University, Chairman and Co-founder of the Open Data Institute
Keynote: Open Data meets Artificial Intelligence: a new kind of city infrastructure (June 4)

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt is Chairman and Co-Founder of the Open Data Institute. He is also Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Head of the Web and Internet Science Group, Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. With over 400 publications he has researched on topics ranging from cognitive psychology to computational neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence to the Semantic Web. He was one of the originators of the interdisciplinary field of Web Science and is a Director of the Web Science Trust which seeks to advance our understanding of the Web and promote the Web’s positive impact on society.

In 2009 the Prime Minister appointed him and Sir Tim Berners-Lee as Information Advisors to transform access to Public Sector Information. This work led to the highly acclaimed site that now provides a portal to over 9000 datasets.

In May 2010 he was asked by the UK Coalition Government to join the Public Sector Transparency Board – this oversees Open Data releases across the public sector. In April 2011 he became Chair of the UK Government’s midata programme - whose goal is to empower consumers by releasing their data back to them. In the November 2011 Autumn statement he was awarded £10M funding via the Technology Strategy Board to set up the Open Data Institute with Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

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LouZacharilla.jpgLouis Zacharilla
Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum
Welcome to the Summit, Top7 Reception, Intelligent Community Awards Dinner

Louis Zacharilla helped found the Intelligent Community movement. He is the developer of the Top Seven and Intelligent Community of the Year Awards programs. He helps the New York-based think tank communicate the importance of developing viable and innovative communities and cities audiences worldwide and oversees the new Institutes of the Intelligent Community Forum around the world. He is a frequent keynote speaker and a moderator at conferences and events. He appears regularly in the media to discuss the impact of broadband and access technologies on the rebirth of the world’s communities. More

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